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January 24, 2013
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America x Reader - BOO!

"Are you almost done up there, Alfred?" you called to your American friend, who was dressing into his costume upstairs.

"Almost done, _________! I just need to put on the jacket!" he calls back to you.

"Don't be too long, hero!" you teased.

"The Hero never procrastinates!" he shouted in response.

You rolled your eyes and giggled. Like you haven't heard him say that a million times before!

Alfred Jones had been your friend for as long as you could remember. You recalled the time when he had asked you for help on his math homework - at the time, he was having trouble with disjunctions - and you gladly obliged, since his grade had been slowly falling. After that, the two of you became fast friends.

Since then, you had met his twin brother, the quiet and often unheard Matthew Williams - who, being from Canada, loved maple syrup - and you had quickly befriended him. Later on, you were acquainted with his older brother, Arthur Kirkland; he was a very polite gentleman from England who practically knew nothing of cooking. Despite this, the two of you would get along very well. Lastly, you had been introduced to Francis Bonnefoy, who was a cousin of Matthew's.1 He was a flirty Frenchman who got into the habit of pinching your waist as a "friendly" greeting. He could sometimes be seen getting into constant fights with Arthur, which would happen almost every day. You didn't know why these fights were never-ending, but you decided not to stick your nose into their business. It would be very impolite to do so.

Tonight you, Alfred, Arthur, Matthew, and Francis were to go trick-or-treating, after which all of you were going to go on a haunted hay ride through a cornfield. You weren't sure whether or not you would actually be excited to go on the hay ride, because you were afraid that someone - or something - would jump out from the dried corn husks and grab you. Just thinking about that gave you the creepy-jeebies.2

Not only were you a little scared of the hay ride, but you also had a crush on a certain American. You had been trying to hide it for weeks, but it was beginning to be too much for you. His rusty blond hair and his bright baby blue eyes went together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. He could be clueless and a little annoying sometimes, but his occasional compassionate nature made up for that. He always made every monotonous day become one that you would never forget with his silly antics and his loud shouts of victory whenever he shot the crap out of zombies in the video games you would play. Soon - hopefully on or after the hay ride - you hoped that you would be able to tell him that you loved him.

"Okay, _________! I'm in my costume!" Alfred called to you, snapping you out of your brief daydream.

"Great, Alfred! Now come down here, so I can see it," you responded.

You heard feet thump on the stairs, and then your friend came down and stood in front of you. He was dressed as Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman. He had on a pair of tan trousers, brown shoes that had been noticeably shined, a tan formal jacket that matched his trousers, and a black necktie. Under all that, he wore a Superman T-shirt.

"Not bad, Alfred! Not bad at all!" you said, commenting on his costume.

"Haha, you don't look too bad yourself, babe!" Alfred said in reply.

You were dressed as Lois Lane, Clark Kent's co-worker. Your ___(h/l)___ ___(h/c)___ hair was done up nicely in a bun with a few loose strands hanging down, framing the sides of your face. You wore a bright green work suit, which consisted of a double-breasted jacket, a pencil skirt that went a little over your knees, and a plain white dress shirt underneath the jacket. On your feet were black ballet flats that fit snugly. For a final touch, you had a clipboard with some "paperwork" attached.

"Thanks, Alfie~!" you said, using the nickname you had given him.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and some mumbled curse words could be heard from outside.

"The guys must be here!" Alfred said, somewhat excited.

"I'll get the door," you said.

You opened it to reveal - who else? - Francis, Arthur, and Matthew, who were all dressed in their costumes. Matthew was holding his bear Kumajirou in his arms, while Francis and Arthur cursed at each other in an undertone.3

"...wanker..." Arthur whispered fiercely.

"...imbécile..." Francis muttered.

"Hey, guys, nice costumes," you said to temporarily break up the fight.

Arthur was dressed like a medieval pirate, complete with the ruffles, trimmings, a sword (which was just a toy), and the fancy hat. Francis was dressed up as Napoleon Bonaparte, which was probably the reason why him and Arthur were fighting with each other. Finally, Matthew was in a cute polar bear costume, holding Kumajirou close to his chest.

Arthur and Francis both heard you and looked up. They thanked you for the compliment, and then surveyed your costume.

"You look very professional, love," Arthur said.

"Oui, _________. Ze costume seems to suit you nicely, mon ami," Francis complimented.

"Aw, guys..." you said, your cheeks suddenly turning red. "You're all making my face burn up..."

Alfred pinched your cheeks playfully, making you jump. "Haha, they're all right, _________. You don't have to feel embarrassed, babe."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Alfred," you say, now pinching his cheeks.

"Ohonhonhon~," Francis laughed to himself.

"Are we all ready to go trick-or-treating?" you ask your friends.

They all nodded.

"All right then! Let's go!" you said excitedly.

You started out the door first, followed closely by Alfred. Next in line was Francis, then Matthew, with Arthur being stuck at the very end.

~*Time Skip filled with CANDYYY*~

Trick-or-treating was a blast. Except for Francis trying to flirt with almost every girl that answered a door, it was pretty awesome. You guys each got a large amount of candy, and it was mostly chocolate or chocolate-covered. You all ate some on your way to the haunted hay ride, which was not that far from the last house on your trick-or-treating route.

You took a bite of ___(fav. candy)___ and thought about when you would break your secret to Alfred. Maybe you would do it during the hay ride, or maybe after. You had promised yourself that you would tell him tonight, and you weren't going to break that promise, even if Francis was around to tease you about it. Hell, he would never let you hear the end of it. However, you didn't seem to care about that. All you cared about was telling Alfred how much you loved him.

"_________, are you all right?" Arthur suddenly asked you.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Arthur," you reply hastily as your faint blush fades.

"I see. I was just checking," he said.

"Dudes! We're here!" Alfred suddenly shouted out of excitement.

Indeed, the five of you had arrived at the cornfield where the haunted hay ride would take place. You saw the start of the path and really wondered where it led. Hopefully nothing scary would be waiting along the way. You really hated scary things - or being scared for that matter. You hated everything from ghosts to goblins and everything in- between. Of course, your friends knew this, and didn't think of you as a chicken like your other classmates did.

"So, what are we waiting for, dudes?" Alfred asked. "Let's go on this hay ride before the werewolves come out!"

Your eyes widened in fear, and you began to shake. Werewolves - you absolutely hated them. They were the things that you were scared of the most. You really didn't know why they scared you; they just did. Maybe it was their scary eyes, or the way they howled at the moon. Whatever it was, you did not like them.

Arthur noticed the fear in your eyes right away. "Alfred, cut it out, git! You're scaring _________!"

Alfred whipped around and faced you. "Heh heh, sorry _________. I didn't really mean that." He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"It's okay, Alfie. Just don't do that again, okay?" you said in a forgiving tone.

"Of course, _________," he said. He showed off his signature smile after that.

Then, all of you walked toward the horse-drawn cart, which was filled with rectangular bales of hay. The wind blew around some of the loose straw, making some of it land on your head like it belonged there. You and Alfred giggled when this happened.

The five of you took your places in the cart. You, Alfred, and Arthur sat in the back, so as not to let a fight break out. Francis and Matthew ended up sitting in the front - much to their dismay - and up close to all the action.

You whispered to Alfred, "I hope you won't get scared like the time we went to the haunted house."

"Haha, the Hero never gets scared, _________!"

"Yeah, right," you said, rolling your eyes. You already knew that he would get scared. You know this because you and him have both watched scary movies together, and he always ends up clinging to you at the end.

The man directing the horses got onto the front of the cart in front of Francis and Matthew. He let down the reins, and then the cart lurched forward suddenly. The horses were going at a slow pace, so it didn't bother you that much. You rocked back and forth a bit, but not a lot.

Smoke suddenly blew out of nowhere and enveloped all of you. You could hear your friends coughing as they tried not to breathe in the smoke. You, on the other hand, covered your mouth and nose with your hands and waited till the smoke would clear.

When it finally did clear, the path ahead of you was foggy. This made it even more creepy than it was before. The wind whistled in the way a ghost would moan, and it sent shivers down your spine. You could almost swear that you heard a mischievous giggle within the cold breeze. You eventually started to hear overlapping giggles, and it sounded like you and your friends were surrounded by ghosts.

"Aaaaaaaooooooooooooo!" A wolf's howl suddenly pierced the darkness, and the giggles stopped. You knew well that this may be a werewolf, the creature that you feared the most. Alfred seemed to hear it, too, and you felt him scoot closer to you. Then, he placed his hand on your own, and you felt a rosy blush creep up to your cheeks.

Before you could say anything, however, something jumped out of the corn husks and snarled at you.

You yelped and grabbed Alfred's arm. Your suspicions were right! It was a werewolf!

Alfred tried to comfort you, although you knew that he was terrified out of his boxers right about now. You looked down at Matthew; he was trembling like a leaf. Arthur was a little surprised rather than scared out of his wits. Francis seemed to have been completely unfazed by the werewolf!

As you went further on into the maze, other things appeared, such as zombies, Frankenstein's monster, mummies, and other ghoulish Halloween creatures. You were terrified by each one, and so was Alfred. Every time you saw a monster, you would both cling onto each other for dear life. Even at the slightest creepy sounds, you would freeze and strain to hear if anything was around you.

At one point, a goblin wandered out. Scared out of your shorts, you and Alfred both screamed. However, scared as he was, Alfred whispered shakily, "I-It's all r-right, _________. I'm right h-here... I-I won't allow a-anything bad t-to happen to y-you..."

This caused you to blush a rosy pink. Alfred... willing to protect you? This was an unusual thing for him to say, especially when you were on this super-scary hay ride. Still... it made you want to reveal your secret to him even more. Now you wanted to gain the courage to look in his baby blue eyes and tell him that you loved him.

"_________..." Alfred whispered to you again. "Are you cold?"

You shivered a bit and said, "Yeah, I guess..."

All of a sudden, an arm wrapped around your shoulder; this made you gasp. However, when you saw that it was Alfred's arm, a wave of relief washed over you. You had a strong urge to put your head on his shoulder, since it was likely midnight or later, and you were all tuckered out. You suddenly yawned, and that gave away your fatigue.

"Ohonhon," Francis laughed quietly. He then said out loud, "Sounds like our little _________ is tired, non?"

Arthur acknowledged what Francis said, but didn't say anything in reply. Instead, he turned to you and said, "Well, _________, you'll be happy to know that the ride is nearly over. If I'm right, we should end close to that house." He pointed at the house he was referring to. It didn't look like it was too far away.

"You hear that, babe?" Alfred said, rubbing your shoulder. "We're almost there!"

Suddenly, the cart rode over a rock, and caused everyone - including you - to jump a little. The other thing that you didn't expect was someone's lips pressing up against your cheek.

When you saw who was kissing you, you felt that familiar blush return to your face again. Alfred must have been looking at you when the cart rode over that rock, because the impact caused him to lean your way and plant an unexpected kiss on your cheek!

When you looked at Alfred, his baby blue eyes were wide with surprise, and you could almost swear that there was a faint blush on his cheeks as well. Now it was evident that he did not expect to kiss you, either.

Alfred finally removed his lips from your cheek - they had been there for almost a minute - and started to apologize to you: "_________, I-I'm sorry about that..."

"It's okay," you said, a silly smile creeping onto your features. Neither of you had expected him to accidentally kiss your cheek, but for some reason... you liked it.

~*Time Skip because this is getting LOOOOOOOOOONNNGGG...*~

After you and your friends got off the hay ride, Arthur had suggested heading home in a two groups of two or three. Everyone agreed to this idea. Consequently, Francis and Matthew started on their way back to their house, while you, Alfred, and Arthur went to their house.

When the three of you reached your destination, Arthur said to Alfred, "Walk _________ home, Alfred. I'll stay at the house until you return."

"Okey-dokey!" Alfred said, saluting his brother awkwardly.

Arthur facepalmed and went inside the house.

"Ready, _________?" Alfred asked you.

"Yeah," you said with that same idiotic smile.

"Okay then," Alfred said in confirmation.

The walk to your house was mostly silent, until Alfred said, "Look, _________... I'm sorry about what happened on the hay ride. I didn't really mean to kiss you... it was the stupid rock we rode over... I am really sor - "

You stopped him by putting a finger to his mouth. You giggled and said, "You don't have to apologize, Alfie."

"I - I don't?" he asked you. He seemed very confused.

"You don't," you repeated. "Because... because I liked it."

"Y-you didn't mind? Why?" He was truly puzzled about what you were saying.

The blush returned to your cheeks, but you didn't seem to notice. You took a deep breath and said, "Because, Alfred F. Jones... I love you to bits." You smiled, knowing that a great burden had finally been lifted off your shoulders.

Alfred stared at you for a moment, possibly trying to recover from the impact of your meaningful words. Then, you saw a blush as red as Toni's tomatoes color his cheeks, and an idiotic smile form on his face. He replied with utmost sincerity, "I love you, too, _________. More than anything, even McDonald's."

You giggled and walked closer to him. Then, he scooped you up in his arms and started to bring your faces closer together. When he pressed his lips against yours, you thought your heart was going a million miles an hour. This was the moment you had been waiting for ever since you first met him. You had always wanted to kiss Alfred F. Jones, your crush, and now... it was a reality.

When your lips parted, you gave Alfred a big bear hug, and he hugged back with equal love and strength. Then, you heard his heartbeat. It seemed a little faster than normal, but that was okay. He loved you, and you loved him. It wasn't a problem anymore.

After the hug, Alfred said, "I should really get you home, babe."

"Yeah," you agreed, taking hold of his hand.

And so, the two of you headed in the direction of your house with big, silly grins and a warm feeling in each of your hearts.

:bulletblue: All right, here is my first America reader insert! I hope you like it! :D

:bulletblue: This is my first time writing for America, plus the F.A.C.E. family. I hope I didn't make anyone OOC!

:bulletblue: THIS IS A ONE-SHOT!


imbécile - idiot

oui - yes

mon ami - my friend

non - no

1 - I am unsure whether France is Canada's father or brother, so I just put him as his cousin to simplify it.

2 - An expression I heard while watching Dex Hamilton.

3 - "In an undertone" means "in a whisper or murmur."

Happy reading! :reading:

(P.S. The picture is not mine; found it on the Hetalia wiki page.)

Reader insert by me

America, France, England, Canada (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to :iconsexyamerica2plz: (hopefully)
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