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October 26, 2012
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Poland x Reader - Shopping Spree

"So, like, which store should we go to first, _________?" your friend Feliks asked you excitedly.

"How about JC Penney?" you suggested.

Instantly his face lit up. "Like, totally, _________!" he nearly screamed.

You giggled. Feliks Lukasiewicz was your best friend, and an interesting one at that. He was a guy who loved shopping almost as much as you did, and he was obsessed with "wicked hipster pink," as he called it. He also showed an interest in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because... well, because he loved ponies! In short, he was a pink-crazed, pony-loving shopaholic valley "girl" who said he looked "dead sexy" in miniskirts. Some people thought he was gay, which was not true at all. He was just a guy who loved pink, and that was all.

However, there was something else that attracted you to him besides his feminine nature. It was something that felt like love. Whenever you saw him, butterflies would invade your stomach. You loved his chin-length pale blond hair as it swayed to and fro when he came running up to you. And his eyes - oh, those eyes! - were as green as a lush forest on a sunny day. Every other friend you had thought his accent was weird, but you speculated otherwise. To you, his Polish accent was downright sexy!

You decided that today you would reveal your true feelings for the handsome Pole. You hoped that he would feel the same way as you did, being the girlish guy he was. Mentally, you told yourself to wait for the right time to bring out this love you had in your heart.

"Like ________, is something wrong? You're totally thinking about something."

Instantly, you felt your cheeks heat up. His accent sent shivers down your spine, but in a good way. If this was obvious, why did it have to be so mesmerizing?

You turned to Feliks and said, "No, Feliks. I was... thinking about what cool clothes we might find in the store!"

"Like, what are we waiting for, then? Let's go, _________!" Feliks practically shouted, earning a few quizzical looks from the passers-by. He grabbed your wrist and excitedly pulled you into JC Penney.

This certainly will get interesting, you thought to yourself.

~*Time Skip*~

"How about this one, Feliks?" you asked the Pole, showing him the outfit you were now trying on. It was a pink and black striped camisole paired with blue jeans that flared out toward the bottom. The pink cardigan you wore over the camisole had three-quarter length sleeves, and was very comfortable. On your feet, you wore black Converse tennis shoes that went a little past your ankles.

"Like, spin around for me, please," Feliks requested of you, excitement evident in his voice.

You did a 360-degree spin like Feliks asked you, and then waited for his reaction.

The pupils in Feliks' forest-green eyes dilated. A wide smile started to creep across his face. He abruptly placed a hand over his heart and gasped with notable awe. "Y-you look totally amazing!!!"

"So, I guess this is the one," you said, sharing in his excitement.

"Like, totally!" Feliks responded, nodding his head vigorously.

You went back into the dressing room and changed back into your regular clothes. Then you brought the outfit out to Feliks, who promptly rushed over to the cash register and paid for it. Apparently, it was hard for the Pole to contain his excitement. This was another thing you loved about him.

Hold it...! You still hadn't told Feliks that you loved him! You had to do it soon, or the chance to reveal your love for him would be gone. Finito. Kaput. Out the window.

You caught up with the still-excited Feliks - who had your outfit in a JC Penney bag - and both of you proceeded to another store. This time, you would be choosing an outfit for the Polish man. Men's Wearhouse was the next store you had in mind. You knew it would be perfect for Feliks...

~*Yesh, another Time Skip*~

After about two hours of non-stop shopping, you and Feliks were still hyped up. Both of you went out to your car in the parking lot, and stuffed all the bags in the trunk of the car. You both got into the front seats - with Feliks driving, of course - and started on your way back to the neighborhood.

On the way back, you decided that this was the moment. The time had come to uncover your overflowing love for the handsome Pole. You hoped that he would take it well...

"Um, Feliks?"

"Yeah, _________?" He looked over at you with curiousity showing in his forest-green orbs.

"There's... there's something I have to tell you."

"Like, what is it?"

The light turned red, and Feliks applied the brakes. Here it was; you had been waiting for this moment all day. You drew in a breath and said, "Feliks, I - I love you... I understand if you don't feel the same way..."

Silence ensued. You weren't sure whether that was good or bad until you felt Feliks' hand on your shoulder. You turned to look at him, and his forest-green eyes locked with your ___(e/c)___ ones. You could see something different in his eyes this time around. Of course, there was always the twinkle of enthusiasm that appeared whenever you two went shopping together. However, you could sense something else besides that... something that was causing him to gaze so tenderly at you... was it love?

"_________, you don't know how long I've waited for you to, like, tell me that," you suddenly heard him say. "I could totally sense that we would be together ever since we, like, first met. I think even Liet was, like, aware of that fact. I just, like, didn't know when it would happen. I was totally impatient, but I don't think you ever, like, noticed that. B-but now..."

You felt something wet on the back of your hand. You looked down at your hand, and then up at Feliks. Wait... was he crying?

Indeed he was. However, instead of seeing a melancholy frown on his face, you could almost swear that there was a wide grin forming on his lips. He wiped his tears away with the back of his hand, and turned to face you again; this time, there was a huge, idiotic smile plastered on his face.

"K-Kocham cię tak bardzo, _________..." he managed to squeak out.

You didn't know a lot of Polish, but this was one phrase that was very familiar to you. Soon, you found the same silly grin growing on your face, too, as you stared once again into Feliks' forest-green orbs. He smiled back at you even wider than before.

Suddenly, you felt your forehead come into contact with the Pole's. You were no longer staring at each other; it had melted into a loving gaze without you realizing it. Then, Feliks placed his hand under your chin. Your faces were inches away, and the Polish man only brought them closer...

However, out of the corner of your eye, you noticed the traffic light turn green. "Feliks, the light went to green! Go!"

Feliks noticed the same thing; he let go of your chin, put his hands on the steering wheel, and applied pressure to the gas pedal. This caused you to surge forward - fortunately, within the speed limit.

Crap. You guys had almost kissed! You were so close, and the traffic light just had to turn green. Thus, the phrase, "ruining the moment" had come true.

~*One More Time Skippy...*~

At last, you two were back in town. Feliks parked the car in your driveway, got out, and politely opened the door for you. Then, you both got your shopping bags out of the trunk of the car, and proceeded to put yours in the house. Feliks didn't live that far away from you, so he could just walk home with his new clothes.

After the tags from your outfit had been clipped off - and after the articles of clothing had been put in the wash - you returned outside to say "goodbye" to Feliks.

"Well, I guess I'll, like, see you later, _________," the Polish man said.

"All right, Feliks. I love you."

"Like, ja też cię kocham, _________."

He didn't hesitate to press his lips onto yours, and you didn't object. His lips were not too hard, and not too soft - they were just right. He snaked his arms about your waist, and you in turn wrapped your arms around his neck. You ran your fingers through his pale blond hair, and he traced circles on your back. The kiss was sweet and innocent; it was a good way to start out a relationship.

When your lips had parted, you smiled at Feliks, and he smiled back with the same amount of idiocy as before. His forest-green pupils dilated agian, but for a different reason this time.

"Like, I can't stop smiling, _________," Feliks said.

"Me neither, Feliks," you say in response.

"Like, I'll see you tomorrow, _________! I can't wait to tell Liet about this!" He blew you a kiss and skipped away happily.

You felt the scarlet blush rise to your cheeks again, smiled a silly smile, and went back into your house.

:bulletpink: All right, here it is... my very first Hetalia reader insert! I started with Poland, because he's one of my absolute favorites. And besides, I love fashion as much as he does! :D

:bulletpink: I hope I didn't make Feliks OOC (out of character). I sort of knew his personality was similar to mine, and that he was a valley "girl." Please don't kill me if I made him OOC... ^^;

:bulletpink: THIS IS A ONE-SHOT!

Kocham cię tak bardzo - I love you so much

Ja też cię kocham - I love you, too

Yeah, I used Google Translator...

Anyway, happy reading! :D

Reader insert by me

Preview picture by ~Shou4i

Poland, Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

You belong to :iconsexypolandplz: (hopefully)
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